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  1. « Many of you know I have been following a musical and art group called the Pesticides.

    The Pesticides live in Paris. They are always noticeable by the two beautiful female singers that typically front the band and sing the vocals. They have a wonderfully unique approach to the delivery of their message and their art and their music. I highly recommend you follow them and check out their music and their art. I have been in love with this band for several months now and I have posted information and photographs of them before and I always get a good response.

    In our attempt to unify the world please say hello to my friends the pesticides in Paris. Elise is the female singer both of the female singers are really good with great vocal ranges. They perform excellent individually and they are really good with a nice blend when they sing together. You can find all kinds of information about how to get their music and where they might be playing in the future on their Facebook page and webpage. And there is information and biographical information in English. So please send some love and say hello and send some love to Elise and the Pesticides!

    I love you guys very much and hope you are well,

    Randy Orange 🍊 »

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