1. The Pesticides ! That’s tight y’all’s band sounds awesome !
    Y’all rock! You both have such a passion for music ! It shows. Link me to the homepage so I can promote it ! Looking forward to hearing more of your music. Keep up the great work! Your both talents in music and singing as front women is very real! God Bless!

  2. Elise Bourdeau Thank you for your beautiful work! Thank you for all the beauty and fantastic energy you share! You are very inspirational to me. Randy

  3. Your entire concept for the Pesticides is fucking cool! I’ve been intrigued by the two of you as the singers since I first discovered you. I played in a couple of really good punk bands in Los Angeles in the early 80s and so I love music that has that edge to it which I think yours does. And your music is seductive and sexy which is…I mean it’s rock ‘n’ roll it Must be Fucking hot and sexy and seductive and mesmerizing and surreal and artistic and edgy and all the fun things that go into the beautiful art of music, especially when it’s delivered so very artistically like you do with the Pesticides. And you really make it happen you the singer. You “Elise”. I love your voice and your delivery. I love the intensity that you have when you sing. I love your fashion I really love your fashion. I really dig the way you dress both singer is the same all the time so fucking cool. And I am definitely one of your big group is I’m fucking crazy about you the singer you are hot I mean separate from being very talented and a great singer, an Awesome artist the way you’ve put the whole concept together and the way you deliver your music, apart from all the intelligence and talent, you are beautiful. You are very photogenic. You are extremely good at modeling. Or I call modeling posing whatever. I mean you make it happen the whole Pesticides show. And then there’s two of you so I can’t take my eyes off of both of you at the same time it’s just a great experience. I would love to have the opportunity to Do a photo shoot with you in your own right as an artist model. Maybe someday who knows. Whatever the case, my secret is out I have a crush on the singer in the pesticidesđŸŒčđŸŒčđŸŒčđŸŒčâ€ïžâ€ïžâ€ïžâ€ïžđŸ˜Ž

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